Internships 2021

CaRES projects for summer 2021 are listed below.  Read each project description.  Email your CV to the preceptors having projects that interest you and request a virtual interview.  Often preceptors will accept a student who is excited about the project and wants to learn but does not currently possess all of the qualifications listed in the project description. Interview for as many projects as you wish.  Each preceptor will invite the student who is his or her first choice, for an in-person interview.  At this interview, finalize plans to work on the project, complete the CaRES Mentoring Contract and email it, along with your CV, to Program Director Dr. John Waterbor at <>.  Within 48 hours your name will be posted under the project title.  CaRES can fund 30 projects this summer. 

Please note:  

CaRES internships are to be for 10, 11, or 12 consecutive weeks, according to the availability of the student and the preceptor.  

Students whose academic calendar allows only 8 or 9 weeks for internships, may request an exception to the 10-week minimum.  Under no circumstances will CaRES fund internships shorter than 8 weeks.  Requests for an exception should be emailed to Program Director Dr. Peter Smith at <>. 

Students whose academic calendars allow for internships longer than 12 weeks, may request an extension of support for up to 3 additional weeks.  Under no circumstances will CaRES fund internships longer than 15 weeks.  Requests for an exception should be emailed to Dr. Smith. 

Internship positions available for CaRES 2021: 33

Internship positions filled: 33

Internship positions remaining: 0

Contact Dr. John Waterbor at for questions or updates.  

We have filled our program with 32 students.  If any students withdraw from CaRES we will replace them with students drawn from our waiting list.  Preceptors should email me the CVs of students they select who agree to be on our waiting list.  Thank you!

–Dr. John Waterbor, CaRES Program Director, <>.  March 5, 2021