19RO – AMPLIFI Assessment and Analysis Core – Challenges of conducting zoom assessments of study participants.

Status: Filled – Emily McCoy
Intern: Emily McCoy
Faculty Name: robert-oster
Primary Faculty Appointment: UAB
UAB/HA Department: MT650
Campus Address: 1717 11th Avenue South
Telephone Number: (205) 975-0539
Email: roster@uabmc.edu or Click to Send E-Mail
For how many summers have you served as a preceptor: 0
CCC Research Area: Cancer Control & Population Science
Number of hours per week that the preceptor will personally supervise or work with the intern: 2
Other faculty, staff, or graduate students who may help to supervise the intern:
1. Aquila Brown-Galvan
2. Maria Pisu
Title of Project: 19RO – AMPLIFI Assessment and Analysis Core – Challenges of conducting zoom assessments of study participants.
Project Description:

AMPLIFI is a large project to test different web-based programs to improve healthy eating and exercise in adults with an-obesity related cancer. Participant assessments include the following measurements and tests: 1) weight measurement, 2) waist circumference measurement, 3) balance tests, 4) sit and reach, 5) chair stand, 6) 8’feet get up and go, 7) 8’foot walk, 8) back scratch, 9) two-minute step test. In addition, blood pressure is measured, blood and urine samples are collected, and information on comorbidities, drugs and supplements, is obtained. Many of these activities are done during a ZOOM visit of 30-60 minutes. The CARES intern will work with the assessors to assemble the manual of operations, prepare and ship supplies and make reminder calls to participants, set up the ZOOM calls, conduct the ZOOM visit, and collect and enter the data. The intern will then analyze the data from the assessments, and note any challenges to conducting zoom assessments.

Project Status: Already up and running
Location of Project: Birmingham, AL (UAB)
Proposed Start Date: May 3, 2021
Proposed End Date: August 27, 2021
Expected work schedule for intern: Flexible, intern can largely set his or her own schedule (as for students who are instructed how to proceed and are permitted to work independently with weekly guidance) and should contribute full-time effort.
Number of days that the student will be expected to come physically to UAB:
1 day or a few days as needed
Category of Project: Clinical (Patient Care) Research
Cancer topic: Breast, Colon and rectum, Obesity, Ovary, Prostate, Survivorship, Uterus, Multiple Cancer Sites
Does this project involve human subjects: Yes
Does this project involve animal subjects: No

Prepare for assessments with participants, including making reminder calls, help participants set up zoom


assist with assessments, enter data, note challenges of zoom assessments


Data analysis, prepare manuscript

Preceptor will provide intern with access to the following: Office or desk space, Computer and printer, Supplies needed to complete project
Likelihood that intern will be included as an author on one or more publications related to this summer research project: Very likely
Areas in which the ideal candidates will have experience: NONE OF THE ABOVE (just the willingness to learn)