31SS – Epidemiology Trends and Risks of HPV-associated Cancers and Comorbidities Among Patients Receiving Solid Organ Transplants.

Status: Available
Faculty Name: sadeep-shrestha
Primary Faculty Appointment: UAB
UAB/HA Department: Epidemiology
Campus Address: R217L School of Public Health
Telephone Number: (205) 934-6459
Email: sshrestha@uab.edu or Click to Send E-Mail
For how many summers have you served as a preceptor: 3 or more
CCC Research Area: Cancer Control & Population Science
Number of hours per week that the preceptor will personally supervise or work with the intern: 8
Other faculty, staff, or graduate students who may help to supervise the intern:
1. Amrita Mukherjee
2. Anna Junkins
Title of Project: 31SS – Epidemiology Trends and Risks of HPV-associated Cancers and Comorbidities Among Patients Receiving Solid Organ Transplants.
Project Description:

Transplant recipients are reported to have 2-4 times the risk of cancer compared to the general population; cancer-related mortalities are also significantly higher in the transplant recipients than the age or race-adjusted general population. Increased cancer risk in transplant recipients could partly be attributed to impaired immune control of oncogenic viruses, including the human papillomavirus (HPV) or other etiologic pathways. Even though there is an overall decline in the incidence of cervical cancer with effective screening and vaccinations in the United States, incidence of other HPV-associated cancer, specifically oropharyngeal and anal cancers are on the rise in the general population. However, the epidemiologic trends in HPV-related cancers among solid organ transplant recipients are not known. We will examine and assess demographic and clinical variables and other comorbidities associated with HPV-related cancers (cervical, vaginal, vulval, anal, penile, oral cavity, oropharynx) among patients who have received living donor solid organ transplants (heart, lungs, kidney, pancreas, liver and intestine) and registered in the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR).

Project Status: Already up and running
Location of Project: Huntsville, AL (HudsonAlpha)
Proposed Start Date: May 3, 2021
Proposed End Date: August 27, 2021
Expected work schedule for intern: Flexible, intern can largely set his or her own schedule (as for students who are instructed how to proceed and are permitted to work independently with weekly guidance) and should contribute full-time effort.
Number of days that the student will be expected to come physically to UAB:
0 – project will be fully virtual except for the required in-person checkpoint visits
Category of Project: Analytical/Statistical Research
Cancer topic: Cervix, Head and Neck, Oral Cavity, Multiple Cancer Sites, anal
Does this project involve human subjects: Yes
Does this project involve animal subjects: No

Literature search and prepare summary


Manage and analyze data


Prepare table and figures

Preceptor will provide intern with access to the following: Computer and printer, Supplies needed to complete project
Likelihood that intern will be included as an author on one or more publications related to this summer research project: Very likely
Areas in which the ideal candidates will have experience: Cancer Rates, Trends and Statistics, Epidemiologic Methods, Statistics and Data Management, basic knowledge