Apply to CaRES

CaRES Student Application Process

  • There is no application (document) to fill out!
  • There are no essays to write and no research proposals to put together!  (This sound too easy, doesn’t it?)
  • Each CaRES cancer research project is proposed by a UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center faculty member who will interview interested students until she or he finds the ideal student to work on their research project this summer.
  • CaRES will fund the first 40-42 self-matches of student to preceptor and project.
  • Read the project descriptions posted on the Internships page under the Apply to CaRES tab.  Eamil each preceptor having a project that interests you and for which you feel qualifed to undertake, and request an interview.  Interview for as many projects as you wish.  Hopefully you will be offered a CaRES internship this summer!
  • If you are selected to do a CaRES project we will need an email from the preceptor stating that he or she has indeed selected you as his or her CaRES intern … and we will need your current CV or reseume and proof of American citizenship or permanent residency to verify program eligibility.  Then we will post your name on the CaRES website as the student intern for that CaRES project, and further instructions will be sent to you later.