CaRES Spotlight

Paula Province Warren is a practicing neurologist at the UAB Medical School where she studies neuro-oncology and specializes in glioma and brain tumor related epilepsy. In 2016 she is serving as a preceptor in the CaREs program.

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Ross Pearlman is currently a medical student who shared preliminary results from his CaRES study at the 2015 Medical Student Research Day, earning a “Best Abstract” award and the 2015 CaRES Program Travel Scholarship Award.

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Tiffany Carson is funded by the National Cancer Institute with a K01 award to investigate the interplay of behavior, environment, and microbiota in colorectal cancer risk and in a true “full circle” moment, Dr. Tiffany Carson served as a CaRES preceptor in summers 2014 and 2015.

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Renicha McCree-Hale (‘Nish’) serves as the Science Office Chief/Associate Director for Science Tanzania with the CDC which marks the continuation of a career sparked by early work on a CaRES project studying cancer control in low resource settings.

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Stephanie Robert’s interest in cancer research was ignited by her CaRES internship with Dr. Harald Sontheimer (a former UAB Professor of Neurobiology) studying the role of System xc- (SXC, a cystine / glutamate transporter) in the radiation-resistance of brain tumors.

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Dario Marotta is a medical student at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine in the class of 2022. He is actively pursuing a career in neurosurgery and completed a CaRES internship in 2019 as a way to develop his research skills and contribute to the neuroscience field while he pursues his medical degree.

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