CaRES 2021: “RCR Abbreviated Course for Undergraduates”

  1. Access the online RCR modules through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website:

From the home page (shown below), click “Register” to create an account.  If you have already taken the CITI IRB Training Course through UAB, you will NOT need to register- you can click on “Log In” on the CITI home page and select your institution (University of Alabama, Birmingham), then enter your BlazerID and password when the UAB Log In screen appears.

2. Next, you will complete the 7 steps on these pages. Follow the instructions, providing accurate information as requested. In step 1 (shown below), you will choose the University of Alabama, Birmingham and agree to the “Terms of Service”, then continue through Steps 2-7. 

  • Please remember that the course you will select is “RCR Abbreviated Course for Undergraduate Students”, NOT IRB.

3. Once your registration has been completed successfully, you should see the following window and click on “Add a Course” (see image below):

The “RCR Abbreviated Course for Undergraduates” should be shown under Question 3 (see image below).  Select the required course.

4. Under “Courses Ready to Begin” you should now see the following:

5. Clicking on the “RCR Abbreviated Course for Undergraduate Students” should lead to the page shown below. You must complete the 6 required modules: Plagiarism, Research, Ethics and Society, Authorship, Collaborative Research, Data Management and Research Misconduct. You are welcome to do any “Supplemental Modules” that interest you.

6. You can start and stop modules at any time. Once you have completed your initial registration, you can reenter the CITI site through the “Log In”.

  • When successfully completed, please email a copy of your certificate of completion to