35KT – Medical Decision Making Capacity in Patients with Advanced Cancer

Status: Filled – Intern: Russell Petersen
Intern: Russell Petersen
Faculty Name: kristen-triebel
UAB Department: Neurology
UAB School: School of Medicine
Campus Address: 1720 7th Ave S Birmingham, AL 35294
Telephone Number: (205) 996-9366
Email: meredithgammon@uabmc.edu or Click to Send E-Mail
For how many summers have you served as a preceptor: 1
CCC Research Area: Cancer Control and Population Science
Number of hours per week that the preceptor will personally supervise or work with the intern: 20
Other faculty, staff, or graduate students who may help to supervise the intern:
1. Meredith Gammon
2. Victor DelBene
Title of Project: 35KT – Medical Decision Making Capacity in Patients with Advanced Cancer
Project Description:

The absence of research on metastatic brain cancer represents a critical gap in the empirical literature investigating capacity to make medical decisions in patients with advanced cancer. Individuals with metastatic cancer must make ongoing treatment decisions in the course of protracted illnesses that steadily erode cognitive capacity. Due to cognitive impairment, emotional distress, and other changes occurring as a result of their severe illness, individuals with metastatic cancer frequently have reduced capacity to make well-informed decisions about their medical treatment. Surprisingly though, decisional capacity is not routinely assessed in this patient population prior to patients’ consenting to treatment.

Project Status: Already up and running
Location of Project: Birmingham, AL (UAB)
Proposed Start Date: May 4, 2020
Proposed End Date: August 28, 2020
Expected work schedule for intern: Flexible, intern can largely set his or her own schedule (as for students who are instructed how to proceed and are permitted to work independently with weekly guidance) and should contribute full-time effort.
Category of Project: Clinical (Patient Care) Research
Cancer topic: Brain, Radiation, Treatment, Multiple Cancer Sites
Does this project involve human subjects: Yes
Does this project involve animal subjects: No

Manuscript preparation


Analyze data


Poster presentation

Preceptor will provide intern with access to the following:
Office or desk space, Computer and printer, Laboratory work bench space, Supplies needed to complete project, Equipment needed to complete project
Likelihood that intern will be included as an author on one or more publications
related to this summer research project:
Very likely
Areas in which the ideal candidates will have experience:
Literature Review Skills, Manuscript Preparation for Submission to a Journal, Patient Care