2017 CaRES Poster Session a Success!

This year marked the inaugural poster session for the 2017 CaRES summer research training program. The session was hosted at the new Hill University Center and 45 of this summer’s 47 CaRES students presented posters about their research and were judged by 18 CaRES preceptors. Prizes were awarded for the top three posters in each section. A companion poster session was held at Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, AL on July 28 for two students performing their internship at that facility.  CaRES faculty attending the session at UAB included Drs. Peter Smith, John Waterbor, Michael Brooks, Renee Desmond, and Allison Litton while Dr. John Waterbor also attended the Huntsville presentation. CaRES Internship Coordinator Judy Baker organized the UAB event. Congratulations to all CaRES interns and preceptors for a successful event!