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Concept Study Form

Formal requests for projects utilizing CNICS data from the cohort dataset are initiated by submitting a Concept Proposal Application. All applications are to be submitted to the CNICS Project Coordinator Mary Thielen by email.

To learn more about the guidelines to submitting a fully developed concept study click here.

Download CNICS Concept Proposal Application

Specimen Feasibility Request Form

Use this webform to submit feasibility requests for CNICS specimens. Once your request is reviewed, someone from CNICS will contact you. Please provide accurate contact information. Click here to fill out form. 

Study Feasibility Form

Use the following form to determine if there are enough patients to qualify for your study. You will receive aggregate data indicating if sufficient numbers of patients qualify for your study. No actual clinical data will be transmitted.

Download Study Feasibility Form.

CNICS Progress Report Submission Form

Use the following webform to submit updates from your approved CNICS concept study. Click here to fill out form. 

Request A Collaborator

A collaborator is required in order to submit a concept proposal application. Click here to fill out the form.

Request a Letter of Support

In order to obtain a LOS for an externally funded grant that will use CNICS data, an approved concept study is not a necessary first step. If you don’t have an approved concept study by the CNICS review committee (RCC), the letter will serve as a statement that the data may be available for use, but this is not a guarantee.

Please also note that a supplemental grant to an approved CNICS concept should be reviewed by the RCC by email or the full committee, depending on the complexity of the study. The proper process of obtaining approval to work in CNICS will remain the same for each new study. Please reference the submit a proposal page. A draft letter is required for all requests for LOS from CNICS.

Click here to request a letter of support.

Data Request Form

For all data, specimen, and PRO requests, a Data Request Form is required from the study team before the transfer of any data from the CNICS Data Management Core.

The Data Request Form is only to be used by investigators with concept studies that have been approved by Mary Thielen.

Download Data Request Form