Please review the most Frequently Asked Questions about CNICS below before contacting the Operations Center for more information:

Can anyone submit a concept study to use the CNICS data or specimens?

Yes, anyone is eligible to submit a concept study for review by the Research Coordinating Committee (RCC). Any investigator who can be reasonably expected to conduct the proposed work is eligible to submit a concept proposal to CNICS. This includes, but is not limited to: researchers at CNICS sites, CFAR academic centers, non-CFAR academic centers, funding entities, and biotech/pharmaceutical companies. Please note, for biotech/pharmaceutical companies, all analyses will be conducted by the CNICS Epidemiology and Biostatistical Core. CNICS data will not be shared with for-profit or third party entities. 

Only approved studies are granted access to the CNICS data or specimens. The requirements for submission of studies for review include the use of CNICS forms, timelines and SOPs.  To avoid conflicts and overlap, a member of our leadership team or our designee must be included as a Co-Investigator on all submitted studies. CNICS leaders are listed on the CNICS People page of our website. If you need assistance finding a collaborator, contact CNICS directly. 

How do I submit a study for review?

Instructions and forms for submitting studies to CNICS can be found on our website on the Submit a Proposal page. Once submitted, a review call will be scheduled to discuss the proposed concept study. Written reviews will be provided prior to the call. See the CNICS Concept Proposal Guidelines for further clarification on the review process.

What should I expect during the conference call review of my concept study?

Please allow 30 minutes for the RCC review of your concept study by conference call with the committee. The call will begin with the chair asking you to provide a 5-10 minute overview of your proposed study, followed by time for questions from the committee and discussion of your written reviews. The review calls are collegial and intended to offer recommendations and assistance. All members of the study team are welcome to join the review call.

When are the review calls scheduled?

The RCC conducts reviews by conference call on the 2nd Friday of each month at 12:30pm PST / 2:30pm CST / 3:30pm EST. If you are unable to join a call at that time, the committee will try to convene a review at another time. This may delay the normal processing time for review of your concept.

Will the RCC provide a letter of collaboration or support for a grant application that intends to use CNICS data?

Yes, all reviewed studies receive written confirmation of the results of the review call, usually within 2-4 weeks of the discussion date. If a letter of support is needed, please indicate so on the top of your concept proposal sheet.

Does the CNICS cohort include pediatrics patients?

No, the cohort does not include pediatric patients.

Are there costs associated with the use of data or specimens for research purpose?

Investigators are not charged for use of CNICS data or specimens for research studies.  Investigators are expected to pay for shipment of specimens to their institutions. Some processing and retrieval costs may also apply handle requests, depending on the number of specimens. If you are preparing a grant budget with specimens, a good estimate is to budget at least $8.00 per unique subject per time point.

Does CNICS have a data sharing policy?

Yes. You can read and download the CNICS data sharing policy here.
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