Work With CNICS Data

To get started in CNICS, review the following guidelines to determine your eligibility.

Determine if study is unique and data is available in CNICS data elements.

If you are uncertain if the data is available, submit a Study Feasibility Form.

To use specimens only, submit a Specimen Feasibility Request.

A CNICS Collaborator is needed before you can submit a Concept Proposal Application.

Learn more about the CNICS Collaborator Program here or to directly request a collaborator, click here.

Submit A Concept Proposal

Once you receive approval for your concept from your CNICS collaborator, submit a Concept Proposal Application via email to Mary Thielen and Donna Porter.

Learn more about submitting a fully developed concept study here.

Request a letter of support for funding application before you begin to work in CNICS.

An approved concept study is not necessary to obtain this letter. External studies based on prospective data, chart abstracted retrospective data, collection of new PROs or use of specimens will incur fees.  During the concept review process, sites will determine if they will participate in the study. UAB has developed a Fee For Service (FFS) pass-through mechanism to pay sites for participation in externally supported studies. Such studies should budget a 7.5% surcharge on the total fee for service (FFS) budget line item. The surcharge reflects the costs to maintain agreements with the sites for payment of invoices upon completion of study activities. UAB will not charge indirect costs on any pass-through costs (FFS payments to sites).  Additional IRB approvals will be required at each site participating in studies proposing prospective data collection or data abstraction. Include $1000 per site for IRB costs. 

Request a Letter of Support here.