UAB Tissue Biorepository

The MISSION of the UAB Tissue Biorepository (UAB-TBR), formerly known as the UAB Tissue Collection and Banking Facility, is to collect, process, store, and distribute high quality human tissue specimens to investigators of UAB, members of the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center and others to conduct investigations that advance molecular medicine to individualize treatment and improve clinical care.


  1. Never compromise patient care and confidentiality
  2. Collect, process and transfer/distribute tissue to researchers following standard operating procedures
  3. Distribute banked/existing specimens for research endeavours
  4. Provide subspecialty pathology expertise (e.g., Neuro, GI, GYN, Breast, GU, Head & Neck, Heme, Molecular)
  5. Integrate specimen annotation with i2B2 and other UAB data warehouses