The UAB Tissue Biorepository (UAB-TBR) previously received funding to collect, process, and bank tissue samples and fluids for the following UAB SPORES: Ovarian, Breast, and Pancreatic. The UAB-TBR currently stores thousands of tissue samples and fluids that were collected for these specialized banks. Specimens previously collected and banked for the SPORES are available to UAB investigators. Investigators interested in access to tissue banked for the SPORES should complete and submit the UAB-TBR application.

Cooperative Human Tissue Network – Southern Division

Between 1987 and 2019 UAB served as the Southern Division of the Cooperative Human Tissue Network (CHTN), as one of six member institutions funded by the National Cancer Institute to prospectively collect, process and distribute remnant human tissue specimens to IRB-approved biomedical researchers. The CHTN operates through a shared networking system that allows investigators greater access to available research specimens.

Investigators interested in obtaining information about the CHTN and/or obtaining human tissue samples from the CHTN should visit the CHTN website.