COVID-19 Research Support by UAB Tissue Biorepository

The UAB Tissue Biorepository (UAB-TBR), in collaboration with the UAB Autopsy Service and the UAB COVID-19 Enterprise Research Initiative, is providing histology services to support COVID-19 research.

In the 18 months since March 2020, UAB Pathology has conducted 74 COVID-related autopsies, tissues from which are consented for research use.  Deidentified paraffin embedded blocks, and in many cases, wet formalin fixed tissues, may be available from heart, coronary arteries, aorta, pulmonary artery, lungs, lymph nodes, liver, kidney and frequently brain, stomach, colon, duodenum and ileum.

UAB Pathologists are also in the process of scanning and uploading all of the COVID autopsy slides to the UAB PEIR website.  

UAB COVID-19 TBR Virtual Biorepository:

Molecular Detection of COVID19- by RNAscope® for research (nonclinical use) is available in Dr. Upender Manne’s Lab. For details contact Dr. Manne directly at

Investigators interested in obtaining FFPE material from COVID-19 positive cases should follow these steps:

  1. Go to the UAB COVID-19 Enterprise Research Initiative website:
  2. Click on the “Biospecimen” tab, then click on the “Provision of FFPE Material” tab and following the instructions.
  3. After reviewing the Investigator Guidance, scroll down the page and fill in the fields and information requested under “Biospecimen Request Form.”
  4. Click “Submit”
  5. Your request will be reviewed by the Biospecimen Governance Committee, who will contact you if they have questions or need additional information.
  6. You will be advised by the Committee of the approval or denial of your request.
  7. If approved, your request for FFPE material will be forwarded to the UAB-TBR.
  8. UAB-TBR staff will contact you to coordinate the timing of specimen preparation, and also confirm your requirements.
  9. When specimens are ready, UAB investigators will be notified to pick-up specimens from the UAB-TBR histology facility. Extramural investigators will be notified by email that their specimens are being shipped.
  10. The UAB-TBR will invoice for COVID-19 services provided. Click below to see applicable charges.