In order to receive services from the UAB Tissue Biorepository (UAB-TBR), investigators must submit a completed UAB-TBR application, which will include the following:

• Contact information
• Level of service requested
• Detailed request information
• Project title and summary
• Copy of Institutional Review Board (IRB) documentation of approval, exemption, or review
• Signed agreement form

Once all of the required documentation is provided, the UAB-TBR staff will review application/requests to determine feasibility. Someone from the UAB-TBR staff may contact you to provide feedback regarding the request or to obtain additional information.

If existing banked material is available to meet your needs, you will be offered banked specimens before any prospective procurement is attempted. If banked specimens are not available, the prospective procurement will be initiated.

Please contact us to discuss your request or for assistance in completing the UAB-TBR application.

If needed, the UAB-TBR can provide a memorandum for your IRB application indicating that specimens will be made available by the UAB-TBR for your project.