Discovery: Link between brain health and heart disease

Clinical studies have shown a strong association between depression and risk for heart disease. However, the mechanisms are yet to be understood. Our recent study has revealed cardiac glycosaminoglycans and structural alterations during chronic stress-induced depression-like behavior in mice. The study is published in peer-reviewed American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology. Link for the full article:

Our next step is to identify molecular signatures that mediate cardiac pathology during mental disorder. Research investigations are underway in our lab to study their role in causing heart disease and hopefully potential treatment strategies.

Graduate student, John Henderson wins PACEinSCIENCE award

John Henderson wins PACEinSCIENCE award
John Henderson presents his research work at PaceinSCIENCE Young Investigator Smposium

John Henderson (PhD student) in the lab wins an award (2nd place) for best presentation at PACEinSCIENCE Young Investigator Symposium 2019 organized by Global Talents in Science.

Title of his presentation: “The complex role of miRNA-377 in doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity”. Looking forward to his graduation and beyond!

Discovery: Nano-vesicles in Heart Disease and Therapy

The complex role of cardiac and non-cardiac derived exosomes in cardiac pathophysiology

Just published from the lab. Enjoyed writing the review titled “The Art of Intercellular Wireless Communications: Exosomes in Heart Disease and Therapy”. Read full manuscript at:

Source: Front. Cell Dev. Biol., 03 December 2019|