Our Research Mission

Research Mission

Current scientific work in our laboratory

Overall research focus in our laboratory is to study the mechanisms of cardiovascular diseases and develop novel therapeutic strategies to limit the disease and promote regeneration and repair. On-going work includes:

1. Basic mechanism of cardiac remodeling and structural alterations during stress or injury

2. Mental health and its influence on heart disease

3. Exosome role in cardiac disease and therapy

4. Diabetes and its risk for cardiovascular disease

5. Cardiovascular injury during sepsis/endotoxemia

Over the years, our laboratory has developed a strong scientific background and expertise in cardiovascular pathophysiology, molecular and cellular signaling mechanisms. and extensive hands-on experience and understanding of mouse surgical models of heart failure (MI, TAC) and bone marrow transplantation systems. Our approach involves use of pharmacological, biochemical, molecular, cellular and physiological techniques including transgenic mouse models and relevant models to heart disease (myocardial infarction, ischemia-reperfusion) to address fundamental questions about the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease progression, and to develop potential therapeutic approaches to intervene the diseases. It is our hope and expectation that these studies will identify new targets that will aid in development of future drugs and new therapies for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease complications in diabetes.