Postdoctoral Positions in Vaccine Development

Job description: Postdoctoral Positions in Vaccine Development. November 18, 2021. Center for Vaccine Development and Global Health (CVD), Immunology Group, University of Maryland School of Medicine. Available immediately. 

The CVD involves scientists and physicians working in all phases of vaccine development. The CVD has earned an international reputation for genetically engineering and testing vaccines against a wide variety of enteric and other infections. Based in the School of Medicine at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, the CVD was established in the 70’s as one of the first facilities to evaluate vaccines in community volunteers. It is one of only a handful of vaccine centers in the world engaged in the full range of vaccinology: from basic science through vaccine development, immunological studies, clinical evaluation, and field studies. 

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Second Round of Pilot Grant Awardees Announced

The CCHI IOFM Core funded six applications submitted in response to our RFA released August 31, 2020. The CCHI Steering Committee sought applications from CCHI centers to capitalize on emerging opportunities and encourage multi-center, multi-disciplinary collaborations. The immediate objective of the CCHI is to support mechanistic and hypothesis-testing studies to understand human immunity applicable to the biodefense effort (i.e. innate, adaptive and mucosal immune responses to infection, vaccination and adjuvants). Studies on immune-mediated diseases (e.g. airway allergy, food allergy, autoimmunity, organ transplant rejection) are also of interest, as these data will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the human immune system.

Sean Brady, PhD from Rockefeller University applied from the Rockefeller University CCHI U19 Center (Ravetch, PD/PI).  Project is entitled “Human-microbial-lectins regulate the mucosal immune system”

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