Emory University

Program Title: Vaccine Induced Immunity in the Young and Aged

The Jackson Laboratory

Program Title: Modulation of Lung Immunes Responses to Viral Infection

La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Program Title: Functional & Dysfunctional Human CD4 T Cell & B Cell Responses to Bacteria and Viruses

Massachusetts General Hospital

Program Title: Impact of Immunotherapy on Viral Immunity in Humans

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Program Title: Molecular and Immunologic Analysis of the Pathobiology of Human Anthrax

Rockefeller University

Program Title: Integrating Innate and Adaptive Pathways in Vaccine Responses

Stanford University

Program Title: Influenza Responses and Repertoire in Vaccination, Infection and Tonsil Organoids

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Program Title: Tissue and Organ Specific Human B Cell Immunity