Dominique Hinshaw & Courtney Swain are awarded for their presentations at the 2022 Annual Pathology Retreat and the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center Retreat!

This past fall, trainees of the lab presented at the 2022 UAB Annual Pathology Retreat (organized by the UAB Department of Pathology) and the 2022 O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center (O’Neal CCC) Annual Retreat (organized by the O’Neal CCC). At both the Pathology and O’Neal CCC Retreats, Dominique was selected to give an oral presentation of her dissertation work. Courtney presented a poster presentation at the both the Pathology and O’Neal CCC Retreats as well.

At the 2022 Annual Pathology Retreat, Courtney won a Pre-Doctoral Poster Award for her presentation! And at the O’Neal CCC Annual Retreat, Dominique won 2nd place for the Graduat Trainee category for her oral presentation! Congratulations!