Welcome to UAB Hospital Medicine

UAB Hospital Medicine came from humble beginnings; established in 1998 with 10 assigned beds, we were the first Hospital Medicine program in the state of Alabama, and one of the first in the Southeast. We were created to care for hospitalized Primary Care patients, but – like so many Hospital Medicine programs across the country – our purpose expanded to cover medicine overflow patients as UAB Hospital realized the value we bring to the organization. Over the course of the past 18 years, we have grown to be the largest provider of inpatient medicine at UAB. 

Our philosophy is we “can do”, rather than we “can’t do”.  We have embraced the opportunities and needs of UAB Hospital to ensure seamless delivery of patient care. Whether through establishing a hospitalist presence at UAB Highlands to help grow the inpatient census, through serving as primary providers for subspecialty patients when those services were faced with residency trainee capacity limitations, or through the development of a hospital-wide bedside procedure service,  the UAB Hospital Medicine program has consistently stepped up to care for patients at UAB Hospital. We have never shied away from change. Instead, we embraced the change. This can-do attitude has developed the UAB Hospital Medicine into the “backbone” of clinical delivery at UAB Hospital.

Patient Care

As the largest inpatient provider of care, we are involved in the care of ~25% of all patients discharged from UAB. Our clinical services include inpatient acute care, general medicine consults, procedure service (including the APP driven CVL access service), and integrated practice models (strategic co-management) with Neurology, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine and Rehab, Cardiology and Infectious Diseases.


UAB Medicine is home to one of the top academic medical centers in the nation, and is known not only for the world-class care that is provided here on a daily basis, but also as a foremost leader in education and research. Hospital Medicine at UAB is the largest provider of inpatient medicine at UAB Hospital, and proudly serves as the cornerstone of clinical care. Within our service, our approach to education is the same as our approach to patient care – and that is with an unrivaled commitment to excellence and innovation. We train and mentor medical students, physician assistant and nurse practitioner students, interns, residents, and fellows, and our learners leave our service with a comprehensive understanding of how to deliver high-quality, evidence-based, efficient, and compassionate inpatient care. We are confident that when our trainees graduate, they will be better prepared as a consequence of spending time on our service. Our daily philosophy is this: make a positive difference in the lives of our patients and to learn something new; at UAB Hospital Medicine, there are endless opportunities to do both. We look forward to helping you become all that you can be.

Scholarly Activities

Research in Hospital Medicine (RiHM) is a collaboration between UAB Hospital Medicine and the Department of Health Services Administration with a shared goal of asking and answering health outcomes related questions and disseminating our shared discoveries. Using our shared expertise and resources we approach operations, implementation and quality improvement with thoughtful project design to better facilitate scholarly output.