Pre-Clinical Core

The success of all Center studies depends on the work of the Pre-Clinical Core and the coordination of Center projects between UAB and MRIGlobal.  The major objectives of the Pre-Clinical Core of the UAB Research Center of Excellence in Arsenicals are to support all Center Research Projects and the work of the Drug Discovery and Development Core.

MRIGlobal has more than 60 years of corporate experience in the management and operations of chemical agent facilities and associated projects.  The Pre-Clinical Core will secure specimens that meet the requirements of each Research Project at the beginning of each year and coordinate the work between UAB and MRIGlobal investigators across each research project to complete needed studies.  In addition, MRIGlobal will synthesize and store the arsenicals used for these studies for which they have facilities that are approved of by the appropriate regulatory agencies.  A biorepository will be established on the UAB campus in which to store the samples generated directly by the Center’s Research Projects.

Accordingly, the specific aims of this core include:

  1. Securing specimen for arsenicals exposure at MRIGlobal under approved protocols of UAB and MRIGlobal;
  2. Coordinate with MRIGlobal for specimen exposure to arsenicals, and return shipment to UAB of samples for proper banking and distribution or further toxicity assessment, respectively; and
  3. To perform in vivo screening of novel agents developed in Drug Discovery and Development Core.