Research Team

The UAB Research Center of Excellence in Arsenicals is a collaborative effort that is made up of researchers from across UAB and the Southern Research Institute.  The principal investigators of the UAB Research Center of Excellence in Arsenicals include Dr. Mohammad Athar as the overall director of the Center; Drs. Anupam Agarwal, Aftab Ahmad, Veena Antony, and Lisa McCormick at UAB; and Dr. Mark Sutto at Southern Research Institute.  

The Center is comprised of four Cores and three Research Projects.  Click on the titles below for more information on each.  Click on the name of faculty leads to find more information about their work and a listing of current publications.

UAB Research Center of Excellence in Arsenicals – Dr. Mohammad Athar, Director

Research Project 1 – Skin –  Novel Pharmacological Inhibitors of Chemical Vesicants – Mediated Cutaneous Injury – Lead: Dr. Mohammad Athar

Research Project 2 – Lungs – Attenuating Pulmonary Toxicity of Cutaneous Exposure to Arsenicals – Lead:  Dr. Aftab Ahmad and Dr. Veena Antony

Research Project 3 – Kidney – Intercepting Renal Damage Following Skin Exposure to Arsenicals – Lead: Dr. Anupam Agarwal

Core 1 – Administrative Core – Lead:  Dr. Mohammad Athar

Core 2 – Research Education Core – Lead:  Dr. Lisa McCormick

Core 3 – Drug Development Core – Lead:  Dr. Mark Suto at Southern Research Institute

Core 4 – Animal and Exposure Core – Lead: Dr. Mohammad AtharMRIGlobal