Brandon Metge, M.S.

Researcher V


I received my B.S. in pre-med from Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, in 2002 and subsequently attended the University of South Alabama for graduate school. I obtained a M.S. in cell and molecular biology in 2004. I began my career with both Lalita and Rajeev in 2004 just after graduate school and was in their lab until 2009. I did a short stint at Vanderbilt University from 2009-2013, then I rejoined the lab when it moved to UAB in 2013. I have worked on a variety of projects in the lab during that time span. My current work focuses on the influence of ribosome biogenesis on EMT and cancer progression. Additionally, we are working to undercover the role of “specialized ribosomes” and how they may be coded differently in cancer cells. In my free time I love spending time with my wife and son doing a variety of things particularly, hiking. I am also an avid runner and enjoy my morning runs. I also enjoy spending time doing projects around my house and yard. I am a huge football fan which takes up most of my free time in the fall!