Rajeev Samant’s lab


To elucidate the mechanistic details of metastatic breast cancer and discover
targetable vulnerabilities to mitigate metastatic progression.


Multiple factors contribute to dysregulated cellular behavior and signaling as cancer progresses. There are intrinsic events driven by extrinsic stimuli. Overall cancer progression is a culmination of the net result of cellular disarray driven cross talk in the tumor microenvironment.

In the Samant laboratory, our investigations are focused on:

  • Identification of unique transcriptional and translational changes that affect tumor progression. We assess aberrant modulation of developmental signaling events in cancer to identify novel therapeutic targets, which will allow us to intervene in the process of tumor progression and metastasis.
  • Alterations in the intra-cellular localization and stability of key proteins as cancer progresses. We aim to develop and utilize model systems that will allow us to provide a spacio-temporal context to diverse functions of cellular proteins.
  • The role of ribosome biogenesis and functional organization of intra-nucleolar macro-molecular complexes in the context of malignant progression.