July 2021

Congratulations on Sarah’s new paper titled “Novel role of the dietary flavonoid fisetin in suppressing rRNA biogenesis.”

June 2021

Congratulations on Heba’s new Oncogenesis paper titled “Disruption of STAT5A and NMI signaling axis leads to ISG20-driven metastatic mammary tumors.”

June 2021

Congratulations on Heba’s new Cancer Letters paper titled “Normalizing glucose levels reconfigures the mammary tumor immune and metabolic microenvironment and decreases metastatic seeding.”

February 2021

Congratulations for Dr. Shannon Meier for her graduation. We wish her all the success in her future career.

January 2021

Congratulations on Brandon’s iScience paper titled “Hypoxia re-programs 2′-O-Me modifications on ribosomal RNA.” We present new evidence that hypoxia changes 2′-O-Me modifications as one of the epitranscriptomic marks on rRNA.

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