Cardiac Setup

Equipped with Olympus BX43F microscope connected with Hamamatsu Flash 4 camera (recording up to 1000-frames/sec) and 10-x water dipping objective. The cardiac setup is routinely used to collect high-speed videos of semi-intact Drosophila heart beating patterns.  

Olympus BX63F: Fully Motorized Fluorescence Microscope with CellSens Software & 3D Deconvolution

With a touch screen controller to change observation methods and save observation points and conditions and a detachable stage controller for a user-friendly workflow, the Olympus BX63 Fluorescence microscope, connected to a Hamamatsu ORCA-spark camera, is used routinely to observe up to 60X magnified images of fly hearts, muscles, and fat bodies.

Microinjector for CRISPR Project: Inverted Microscope with Manipulator, Working with Long Distance Objective and All –Digital Multi-pressure System

The microinjector is used to deliver plasmid DNA in Drosophila embryonic cells to generate stable transgenic fly lines for diverse applications, such as CRISPR genome editing, gene transfer techniques.

Circadian Sleep & Activity System: DigiTherm Heating/Cooling Incubators for Circadian Activity Monitoring with DamMonitors

The system is used to record the locomotor activity, sleep, and circadian rhythms of individual flies in temperature and light-controlled incubators, which allow the study of fly responses to environmental cues. 

Leica Cryostat

The Leica CM3050 S with a motorized drive and section counter is a powerful cryostat that is used for rapid freezing and sectioning of various tissue samples. 

Leica Fluorescence Scope

Leica DM 3000 LED: The Leica DM3000 microscope is suitable for pathology, cytology, hematology and many other applications. We have available DAPI, GFP, TXR and Brightfield filters. 

Plate Reader (Bio Tek Instruments Synergy LX Multi-mode)

Plate reader, comes with Taking 3 Accessory allowing accurate measurement of protein, RNA, and DNA. Plate reader can handle 96 well and other good formats including 384 well plates. The features include luminescence, absorbance, and fluorescence. Common assays such as ELISA, BCA, and Bradford are compatible.

CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR System

This 384 Real-Time PCR System is used for rapid and sensitive determination and quantitation of nucleic acid. In combination with reverse-transcription PCR (RT-PCR), real-time PCR can be used to precisely quantitate changes in gene expression, for example, an increase or decrease in expression in response to different treatments, by measuring alteration in mRNA levels. 

Olfaction Maze

Olfaction System

Additional equipment

  • INVICTUS 22 Cu ft Drosophila incubators
  • -80 Freezer
  • -20 Freezer
  • Dissection Scopes
  • Benchtop centrifuges/shakers/incubators