Circadian, Cardiometabolic, Neurodegenerative, Metabolic, and Aging Disorders Research Group

My research group has been at the forefront of developing and using clinically relevant in vivo models (Drosophila and Mouse) and humans to address the pathophysiological basis of circadian/metabolic dysregulation linked to cardiometabolic disease, myofibrillar-myopathies, proteinopathies, neuropathies, sleep, and aging disorders.

By integrating omics with physiological, cell-molecular, genetics, genomics, and nutritional approaches, our goal is to understand how lifestyle (circadian rhythms and Time-restricted Feeding) and genetic factors act to maintain the structural integrity of cells, tissues, and organs that in turn dictate organismal physiology and Behavior. 

Currently funded with four NIH R01 Grants (two PI and two MPI), our research findings have been published in Science, Nature Communications, Aging Cells, Human Molecular Genetics, Physiology, and PLoS Genetics. See the research section for the summary of my main research projects.

Machine-Learning approaches for automated quantification of cardiac physiology

Meet Our Team

Archana Yadav, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kishore Madamanchi, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Farah Abou Daya, MS, GBS

Graduate Student

Morgan Barkley, MS, GBS

Graduate Student

Elizabeth S. Pasam, GMS

Researcher III

John Watson

Researcher II

Fatma Oduk

Researcher II

Srinath R. Gurrala

Student Assistant & MS

Yash Melkani

Researcher I

Lily Ober

Researcher II

Dev Patel

Researcher II

Dave Melkani

Student Assistant & Undergraduate

Jagathnarayan Madhanagopal


Nagavenkata Mayank Adabala


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