Circadian, Cardiometabolic, Myofibrillar, Aggregation, and Aging Disorders Research Group

My research group has been at the forefront of developing and using clinically relevant genetic models (Drosophila melanogaster) to address the pathophysiological basis of human circadian/metabolic disorders linked to cardiometabolic disease, myofibrillar-myopathies, proteinopathies neuropathies, sleep, and aging disruptions. I also integrate physiological, cell-molecular, genetics, genomics, and nutritional approaches to understand how lifestyle (including circadian rhythms and eating/sleeping patterns) and genetic factors act to maintain the structural integrity of cells, tissues, and organs that in turn dictates organismal physiology. Currently funded with three NIH R01 Grants (one PI and two MPI), our research findings have been published in Science, Nature Communications, Aging Cells, Human Molecular Genetics, Physiology, and PLoS Genetics. A summary of my main research projects is in the research section.

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