Director, Pediatric Renal Transplantation (Children’s of Alabama)
Assistant Dean for Medical Student Diversity and Inclusion

Mark H. Deierhoi Endowed Professor in Surgery

Major Research Interests

Dr. Young’s interests include defining and addressing disparity in access to care as well as outcomes seen among minority populations. His clinical research focuses on kidney and pancreas transplant recipients. He is also involved in research pertaining to under-represented minorities in medicine, their access to and retention in medical school.  Lastly, he has active clinical research pertaining to vascular access outcomes.


Since 1997, Dr. Young has been Director of pancreas transplantation at UAB. A native of Pennsylvania, Dr. Young received his undergraduate degree from Villanova University. He then matriculated to medical school at Johns Hopkins, graduating in 1987. Dr. Young then returned to Philadelphia to complete his general surgical training at Thomas Jefferson University by 1993. He then spent two years at the University of Wisconsin as an abdominal transplant fellow. After graduation in 1995, he spent two years at the University of Arizona Medical Center where he performed the first simultaneous kidney pancreas transplant in the state. UAB became home in 1997. Since that time, aside from growing the kidney and pancreas transplant program, he assumed the directorship of the pediatric renal transplant program in 2011. That program has consistently been one of the top 10 centers for volume of transplants performed on children in the USA. Dr. Young has also been Assistant Dean for Medical Student Diversity and Inclusion at UAB School of Medicine since 2012. He has been actively involved in numerous transplant organizations and has served as Chair of the United Network of Organ Sharing Minority Affairs Committee. He also remains an ad hoc reviewer for the American Journal of Transplantation. Aside from these duties, Dr. Young has mentored numerous fellows, surgical residents, medical students and undergraduate students.

Society Memberships

American Diabetes Association

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

American Medical Association

American Society of Transplantation

Medical Association of the State of Alabama

Jefferson County Medical Society

Advisory Committee on Transplantation

American Society of Transplant Surgeons

UNOS Histocompatability Committee (2000-2002)

American Society of Minority Health & Transplant Professionals

National Medical Association

Society of Black Academic Surgeons

Southeastern Surgical Congress, UNOS Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) Chairman (2005-2007)

Assistant Dean for Medical Student Diversity and Inclusion (2013-Present)

Selected Publications

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