Lab Manager/Program Manager

Major Research Interests

A Surgeon’s Assistant/Physician Assistant with extensive training in Cardiovascular surgery, Peripheral Vascular Surgery, Thoracic Surgery and Abdominal Transplant Surgery. Research interests include: Solid organ transplantation outcomes and living renal donor surgical outcomes.


1985, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Surgeon’s Assistant Program

1999, University of Alabama at Birmingham, School of Public Health-Epidemiology

Previous Research 

Complications and rates associated with ureteroureterostomy verses ureteroneocystostomy anastomosis. Potential causes of delayed graft function (DGF) in patients who received a renal transplant from the same donor and were discordant for DGF. Effect of Rejection and DGF on Graft Survival of Paired Renal Allografts. Effect of DGF on Short and Long Term Kidney Function in Recipients of Allografts from the Same Deceased Donor.