Transplant Epidemiology and Analytics in Medicine

Our primary research interests focus on long-term outcomes of previous living kidney donors, HIV-infected end-stage patients, and health disparities in access to and outcome after transplantation.

Living Donor Studies:

Body mass index effects On Living Donors (BOLD) – retrospective cohort study designed to better understand long-term post-donation outcomes among living donors who were considered obese at the time of their donation (BMI>30kg/m2) (NIH R01 DK113980, PI: JE Locke; K23 DK103918, PI: JE Locke)

Expanding live donor kidney transplantation through advocacy training and social media (ENGAGE) – Multi-center randomized controlled trial to determine the effectiveness of the advocacy training for improving transplant candidate willingness and comfort with asking friends and family to become living kidney donors. Three sites are involved including UAB, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and Northwestern University in Chicago, Ilinois ( NCT03099434) (NIH R01 DK11966, site PI: JE Locke).

Social network interventions to reduce racial disparities in living kidney donation – Multi-center study designed to examine the social networks of transplant candidates in order to identify approach strategies most likely to be successful in identifying potential living kidney donors. Three sites are involved including UAB, University of Pennsylvania, and Penn State University (NIH R01 DK114888, site PI: JE Locke).

APOL-1 long-term kidney transplantation outcomes network (APOLLO) clinical centers – multi-center study designed to understand genetic risk for kidney disease in the context of living kidney donation and transplantation (NIH U01 DK115997, PI: B Julian; co-Investigator: JE Locke)

HIV-related Studies:

Impact of CCR5 blockade in HIV+ kidney transplant recipients (NIH U01 AI118594, PI: P. Stock; co-Investigator: JE Locke)

Identification of drugs that induce terminal transcriptional silencing of latent HIV-1 infection (NIH R61 AI133679, PI: O Kutsch; co-Investigator: JE Locke)

Genetic, environmental & histologic basis for kidney disease risk among persons living with HIV (pending, PI: JE Locke)

Social Advocacy:

TEDx Birmingham: “Let’s create a single national living donor registry.”

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