TL1 Deep South KUH PRIME Translational Research Training Program

NIH-funded pre and post-doctoral fellowships are available for research training in the areas broadly related to Kidney, Urology, and non-malignant Hematology diseases.

Current Post Doctoral Fellows

Megan Rhoads, PhD

Timing of Salt Intake and Blood Pressure Regulation in Rats

Stephanie Rakestraw, MD

Determine outcomes for patients with end-stage renal disease and chronic limb-threatening ischemia

Maggie Jones-Carr, MD

Promoting Health Equity in Access to kidney transplantation by developing unconscious bias mitigation strategies: the HEAL study

Lance Benson, PhD

Dysregulation of the circadian rhythm of T cell function exacerbates hypertension

Amanda Clark, PhD

Implications of Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Involving PKDH1/Pkhd1 During Development