TL1 Deep South KUH PRIME Translational Research Training Program

NIH-funded pre-doctoral fellowships are available for research training in the areas broadly related to Kidney, Urology, and non-malignant Hematology diseases.

Current Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Abby Brooks

The immune ET-1/ETA axis in diabetic kidney disease

Mentors: Dr. Carmen De Miguel and Andre Ballesteros-Tato


Arin Melkonian

The Role of Dual BRD4-RIPK3 Inhibition in AKI Pathogenesis and Recovery

Mentors: Drs. Anupam Agarwal and James George


Huy Q Nguyen

Fibroblast HDAC1 activation and immune responses following acute kidney injury leading to interstitial fibrosis

Mentor: Dr. Kelly Hyndman


Rebecca Horowitz

Mechanisms of Vaccine Hyporesponse in Hypertension

Mentors: Drs. James McLachlan and Heddwen Brooks

Tulane University

Tha Luong

Endothelin-1 and ETa receptor activation in diet-induced obesity

Mentors: Drs. David and Jennifer Pollock