KUH PRIME works to develop a fully integrated, interdisciplinary network of pre- and post-doctoral trainees in KUH research by building a community of scholars that are both inter-disciplinary and inter-connected.

The Administrative Core will be the center of the organizational structure & governance of KUH PRIME. It will leverage the collaborative spirit & established relationships between kidney, urology, & non-malignant hematology scientists to form a cohesive institutional training network. 

The Training Core supports the demographically and scientifically diverse KUH PRIME trainees. We provide training in interdisciplinary & translational research that ensures pre- & post-doctoral trainees will learn the skills & knowledge to successfully transition to the next steps of their careers in KUH research.  

The Professional Development Core’s main focus is to motivate & sustain the next generation of scientific leaders. We have created an immersive, individualized, interdisciplinary, & integrated core that provides personalized mentoring, inspirational career forums, research training institutes, & leadership development.

The Network Core’s overall goal is to provide the diverse KUH PRIME scholars strategies to help develop their networking & communication skills & apply them to a range of networking opportunities. 

Key Program Elements

Early Stage Investigators

  • ESTEEM Program
    Early Stage Faculty (Instructor or Assistant Professor) – Support for Gap Year Intern
    Grant-writing support for KUH ESI faculty

KUH Faculty

— Faculty & Labs

— Mentor Training


Research Resources
  • Responsible Conduct of Resarch
  • Laboratory Training

Collaborating Academic Entities