Dr. Megan Rhoads is an integrative physiologist interested in how time of day and the molecular clock contribute to cardiovascular and renal function and disease. During graduate school at the University of Kentucky, she studied spontaneous high blood pressure in non-human primates. In her postdoctoral studies here at UAB, Dr. Rhoads is exploring how environmental and circadian conditions change blood pressure and kidney function. She is also interested in how shiftwork contributes to disease pathology. In her free time, Dr. Rhoads enjoys spending time with her husband and 10-month old daughter; she also trains and performs as an aerialist! Because of her extensive knowledge, we asked Dr. Rhoads about her experiences as a scientist.

Q: What is one thing you wish you could tell your younger self about academia/research/life in general?
A: I would tell my past self to stop worrying and learn to enjoy the path. Being flexible and adaptable is an essential life skill that will serve you in ALL areas of your life.

Q: What thought/philosophy/principle has helped you during difficult times?
A: Remember that VERY few decisions in life are irreversible. Try the new thing, go out of your comfort zone, take that risk – you can almost always go back ‘home’ if it doesn’t work out the way you want!