Convergence research requires a robust exchange of ideas between different domains of knowledge. This is no simple task, as every domain contains jargon, methods, and reductionist focal points that may appear to clash with other domains. For example, a common term in one domain may have a very different meaning in another. Such confusion can be a barrier to progress in a domain-diverse research group. At the Integrated Systems Center, we support knowledge integration through education. Below is one such effort: the Wilczek/Yeh Distinguished Lecture Series.

Distinguished Lecture Series

Frank Wilczek

Frank Wilczek

Feynman of our time

Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics 2004 Nobel Laureate

Raymond Yeh

Raymond Yeh

Father of Software Engineering

Senior Research Fellow in Physics at IC2 Institute at the University of Texas at Austin

The Frank Wilczek and Raymond Yeh Distinguished Lecture Series is a series of thought-provoking talks for an inquisitive audience. Underpinning the series is the idea that innovation is best produced by bringing together voices from diverse disciplines. Each lecture will be offered by a recognized expert in a topic area. Many domains will be represented, but a particular emphasis will be placed on life sciences, medicine, physical sciences, and engineering. Information will follow on how you can participate in an upcoming lecture.

Conferences & Events

SDPS 2019 – Conference Theme: Changing the World via Innovative Design and Applications of Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Traveling Queen STEM

Famous n-queens problems can be used as a STEM activity to generate interest in various mathematical and engineering topics. We show here n-queens solving “travel” from topic to topic in math.

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