The mission of the Integrated Systems Center is to be a major catalyst for convergence research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Our objective is to develop a framework for bringing together domain-diverse research teams, facilitating knowledge integration, and guiding research efforts toward real-world applications. The Center provides a unique environment for researchers to collaborate in this way.

Diagram describing the intersection between business, research and academia

Founding Advisory Board:
Tanveer Patel (Chair), CEO Concert Care
Mark Froehlich (Co-Chair), Impact Partners
Devon Laney, CEO Innovation Depot
Connie Magee, VP Intel
James Childs, Bradley
NandKishore Dhomme, CIO Manipal Hospitals
Dr. Maureen Williams, Deputy Chair Liverpool CCG
Cecil G. Bostany, CPA Warren Averett


There is a continuum of research, from pure basic to pure applied. Yet a particular research effort need not remain fixed at any one point on the continuum. According the National Research Council’s report on convergence, convergence research should tackle specific challenges (NRC, 2014). Such “use-inspired” research develops basic research and moves it toward an application (NRC, 2014). In this way, efforts in the laboratory lead to solutions in the community. The aim of the Integrated Systems Center is to promote basic research, and guide it toward specific applications that promote the well-being of society.