Technology comes from the Greek tekhnologia, and originally meant “to explain the method of weaving”. Weaving is the process of interlacing two distinct threads to produce a fabric. Integration, therefore, is central to the process as well as the product. The Integrated Systems Center is dedicated to the integrative technology of convergence.

As defined by the National Research Council, convergence research involves the integration of life sciences and medicine on the one hand, with physical sciences and engineering on the other (NRC, 2014). While research occupies a range from basic to applied, convergence research focuses on use-inspired basic research. That is to say fundamental research with an application in mind (NRC, 2014).

UAB is particularly strong in the domains needed to develop convergence research, as well as research into convergence itself. Research into convergence involves investigating the factors that influence outcomes in domain-diverse research teams (NRC, 2014). In this way, convergence brings attention to a particular type of domain-diverse research as well as the factors that facilitate success.   

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