Come Roll With Me (CRWM) is a program that was established in June, 2016 by physical therapist, Cathy Carver. Mrs. Carver currently works at Spain Rehabilitation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham hospital. She works with individuals with long-term mobility deficits that require them to utilize custom power and manual wheelchairs. Mrs. Carver expressed that, as a physical therapist, she felt the need to create a way to educate younger generations about how wheelchair users navigate their environment. That is when she decided to develop and implement CRWM within the community. Over the last three years, CRWM has completed 30+  events, impacted more than 80 families, and had approximately 150+ children participate. CRWM has also involved 11 professional contacts who are wheelchair users and have made a tremendous impact on promoting access and insight into the life of wheelchair users. CRWM has been to two Birmingham, Alabama area libraries, the Galleria Mall, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Chipotle, Zaxby’s, and Yogurt Mountain. CRWM has also made special visits to Hoover High School, in Hoover, Alabama. The organization has expanded to be active in Mississippi at Ole Miss as well as had some active groups in Florida and Georgia.

Carver’s purpose for creating CRWM was to find a way to bridge gaps in communication, appreciation, and respect for how wheelchair users engage in everyday activities. The program assists in increasing awareness of how wheelchair users experience challenges and how adaptations are made in order to perform their daily occupations.

Today, CRWM has expanded to a website. In partnership with UAB’s Occupational Therapy Department, CRWM has developed a website to streamline all its processes to one place. This website allows CRWM to reach a larger audience and promote its mission into other communities.