This is a trademark logo. It is a circle within a circle. The inner circle is a graphical image of a person in a wheelchair. The outer circle says COME ROLL WITH ME.

Bridging gaps in communication, appreciation, and respect for how wheelchair users engage in everyday activities.”

Our desire is to connect the able-bodied and disability communities to bridge gaps in communication, appreciation, and respect for how we all do life- no matter how that may look. This website shows how we “roll.” This site is designed so other therapists or community members have the ability to adapt to their area and culture for a similar experience. A simple change in mindset can help people learn how to appreciate the variety in how people do life- no matter how different. So, “Come Roll With Me” towards appreciation and inclusion! If you want to get “rolling” in your community, head over to our contact page to inquire about an experience near you!

Let’s Roll!
Come Roll With Me

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This website was developed and created by Allie H., Martin D., & Michael B. –
Occupational Therapy students from the UAB School of Health Professions.