Welcome to Come Roll With Me

Our desire is to connect the able-bodied community to the disability community and bridge gaps in communication, appreciation, and respect for how we all do life. Some do it on feet, some do it on wheels. This website is the landing page for how we “Roll.” Our goal is for other therapists or community members to take the structure and adapt it to their area and culture and do something similar. If we can get to kids before prejudices and judgments get too deeply rooted, then we can learn to appreciate how people do life even if they are different from them…who knows, these kids may acquire a disability someday and they will remember that they too can find a way by having met people who didn’t let their disability define them. So, “Come Roll With Me!” If you want to get “rolling” in your community, head over to our contact page and we’ll find a way. Let’s roll!
– Come Roll With Me –

The Mission:

The mission of CRWM is to promote awareness of and respect for the needs of wheelchair users by actively discussing accessibility, exploring environments, and problem-solving through activities in a wheelchair, firsthand.

Bridging gaps in communication, appreciation, and respect for how wheelchair users engage in everyday activities. 

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This website was developed and created by Allie H., Martin D., & Michael B. –
Occupational Therapy students from the UAB School of Health Professions.