The Beierle lab is committed to the investigation of many aspects of pediatric solid tumors including neuroblastoma, hepatoblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, medulloblastoma, and Wilms tumor. Our experiments utilize a unique patient-derived xenograft program that allows patient tumors to be grown in mice and passaged from one mouse to the next for ongoing investigation. We use this experimental model to study the cell signaling mechanisms that make tumors malignant and provide potential targets for therapy. We also investigate the effects of new therapies or combination therapies including viral therapy, immunotherapy and novel rexinoids for improved outcomes in the highest risk patients.

We are a constantly evolving team made up of life-long researchers, residents, medical students, undergraduate students, and even high school students, who all share a common goal: working each day to decrease the number of children that lose their fight to pediatric malignancies each year.