Most Prolific Inventor Award to Dr. Nakhmani and the Team


Most Prolifc Inventor Award

Our Team including Surya Bhatt and Sandeep Bodduluri is deeply honored to receive the ‘Most Prolific Inventor of the Year 2023’ award from UAB Bill L. Harbert Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at recently organized innovation awards. We thank the institute for their constant support and encouragement.

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Arie Nakhmani is an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB). He joined UAB in 2013. Prior to that, he completed his postdoctoral training at Georgia Tech and Boston University. He is an Associate Scientist in the Comprehensive Cancer Center and director of the ANRY lab at UAB. He is the author of over 120 peer-reviewed research publications and book chapters on robust control, machine learning, signal and image analysis. He is also an author of "Modern Control: State-Space Analysis and Design Methods" textbook published by McGraw Hill in 2020.

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