• Yuhua Song joined the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Alabama on August 15, 2006 as an Assistant Professor.
  • Yuhua Song Research Group @ BME Department at UAB started her journey on August 15, 2006 in Birmingham. The aims of the group are to perform high quality education, research and professional activities.
  • Dr. Yuemin Liu from University of Nevada joined group as a postdoctoral research on December 1, 2006
  • Our inifinband cluster is in working status!
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  • Group welcome undergraduate students: Russell Greeen and Jonathan Suever to work in the group. Russell and Jonathan are excellent students with GPA 4.0 and with great motivation for early career development and gaining research experience in computational biomechanics/biology. The group is pleased to have them to work in the group.
  • Yuhua Song received UAB ADVANCE Faculty Research Award, May 2007
    Di Pan and Qi Yan joined group as graduate students in Fall 2007 
  • Yuhua Song was nominated to the Editorial Board of MCB: Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics.  
  • Jonathan Suever was awarded The Mr. & Mrs. Kwok-Chong Woo Grant for undergraduate research. 
  • Russell Green was BME Undergraduate of the Year 2007.
  • Di Pan was awarded The Ireland Tuition Scholarship for 2008-2009.
  • Jonathan Suever accepted offer from Bioengineering program at Georgia Tech
  • Dr. Lingyun Wang joined group as a visiting scientist
  • Dr. Yuhua Song was awarded a five-year Research Career Development Award (K25) from NIH to study Protein interactions underlying Fas-mediated DISC in Cholangiocarcinoma. Dr. Jay M. McDonald, an expert in the study of the role of calmodulin as a signal transducer in many diseases including cancer pathogenesis, will mentor Dr. Song to aquire additional expertise in studying cancer pathogenesis and develop cancer chemotherapy.
  • Dr. Yuhua Song was awarded a three-year NSF grant to develop an integrated research, education and outreach program around the theme of elucidating the molecular events at the level of protein-protein interactions involved in the formation of the matricellular protein thrombospondin-1 (TSP1) – cell surface protein calreticulin (CRT) – LDL receptor-related protein 1 (LRP1) ternary complex induced by TSP1-CRT binding that signals intermediate adhesion and collagen production.
  • Dr. Yuhua Song was promoted as Associate Professor and awarded tenure in Department of Biomedical Engineering at UAB effective on Oct 1, 2012.
  • Romone Fancy defended his Master in Spring 2013 and stay to pursue his PhD study.
  • Tiara Napier both defended her Master in Summer 2013 and started her adventure in industry.
  • Justin L. Howell joined group for his PhD study in Fall 2013.
  • Qinghua Zeng, MD, PhD, joined group as a visiting scientist in Fall 2013.
  • Group continues to recruit people (Postdoc/Visiting scholar, graduate student and undergraduate student positions are available)