Position Open for Graduate Student, Postdoc or Researcher (updated on 08/25/2023)

Our research group received two five-year NIH R01 grants (one from 2021 to 2026, the second from 2023 to 2028) to study novel therapeutic drug identification and mechanism studies for Alzheimer’s disease. We will use the integrated computational, biophysical and biological approaches to implement our research goals.

We are recruiting self-motivated graduate student, postdoc or researcher.  Candidates should have strong molecular and cell biology and animal handling skills. For postdoc level candidates, first-author publication(s) in quality peer-reviewed journals are expected. Previous research experience in iPSC technology is desirable. Candidate should be able to work with a high degree of independence and with good team spirit.

Our group also performs extensive computational biology research. The new personnel has the opportunity to gain additional computational biology skills.

Interested candidates, please contact Dr. Yuhua Song by email: yhsong@uab.edu and include your transcripts and CV in the email.

  • Graduate student positions (Ph.D. / M.Sc.)

Prospective UAB graduate students: Students should apply for graduate study at University of Alabama at Birmingham through the graduate program in Biomedical Engineering.

Current UAB graduate students: Students, who are interested in either wet-lab research or/and computational biology research are welcome to contact Dr. Yuhua Song, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at The University of Alabama at Birmingham by email: yhsong@uab.edu and include CV and transcripts in the email.

  • Undergraduate student positions

Undergraduate students with interests in early career development and gaining research experience in experimental and computational biology/biomechanics, please contact Dr. Yuhua Song by sending your CV with a cover letter expressing your career goal, research background and interests to yhsong@uab.edu. Research work in the group could be found at Research Projects and ResearchImageGallery.