Postdoc positions:

Please contact me with queries regarding the availability of positions in my lab.

Graduate students:

I expect to have an opening for new graduate students. Our lab hosts a combination of both MS and Ph.D. degree-seeking graduate students. Prior to applying to the UAB graduate program, it is highly recommended that interested candidates contact me and discuss their research interests in detail.

Undergraduate Students:

Highly motivated students who wish to obtain research experience in genomics and bioinformatics are encouraged to contact me. While undergraduates generally team up with graduate students, they also have the possibility to work on an independent project. Come see me explore all these options.


Dr. Shahid M. Mukhtar

Associate Professor

UAB | The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Department of Biology
Campbell Hall 369, 1300 University Blvd., Birmingham, AL 35294-1170

Tel: 205-934-8335
Fax: 205-975-6097