Dr. Shahid Mukhtar is also passionately dedicated to teaching. Generally, he teaches BY434/634/734 and BY210 in the fall and spring, respectively.

BY 434/634/734 Functional Genomics and Systems Biology

This modern topic course is targeted to advanced Bio-majors as well as an interdisciplinar

y audience. It covers state-of-the-art, high-throughput, established and novel, experimental and computational approaches used in genome sequencing, transcriptomics, proteom

ics and metabolomics to obtain, integrate and analyze complex data. It is aimed to familiarize students with knowledge on experimental perturbation of genomes, gene regulatory networks, comparative genomics and evolution, as well as basic bioinformatics. This course is a combination of text-based lectures, computer exercises and discussions of the current literature relevant to Functional Genomics and Systems Biology.

BY210 Genetics

BY210 provides an introduction to: (a) molecular genetic technologies, (b) principles and mechanisms of inheritance, (c) structure, action and regulation of genes, (d) applications of modern molecular genetic technology to human health and agriculture and (e) necessary background for upper-level courses in molecular genetics, cell biology and evolution.

BY499/BY689-00 Seminar in Genomics 

BY499/689-00 is designed to refine and extend students’ fluency (both verbal and written) in genetic concepts and techniques. Through the dissection of research papers on diverse genetics/genomics aspects, students learn how to critically think about experimental designs. Students also learn how to devise and propose hypothetical experiments to address unanswered questions in genetics/genomics. They can also appreciate the peer review process through critiquing the peer-reviewed papers.

BY397  Advanced Directed Reading 

I have been serving as a mentor for BY397 for reading and independent study in the areas of Genomics/Bioinformatics and computational modeling.