In this issue of Memorandum, contributor Chase Coats examines the ways in which Grammarly can be a hindrance non-native English speakers, and William McCormick recounts his time as an intern writing app descriptions for Random Logic Games. If you’re interested in the automotive industry, Daniel Kim recommends taking a look at many writing jobs offered by Hyundai’s manufacturing plant in Montgomery, AL. Contributor Laura Jane Crocker explores several potential minors you can use to supplement a professional writing major, while Jessica LeSueur discusses the unpredictable nature of writing careers, and the skills with which writers can accomplish a variety of tasks. For those of you who are both writers and gamers, Abby Kullman covers the world of video game journalism, and the power professional writers wield in the success or failure of a game. Finally, Amy Reid interviews two professional writing majors who have found a way to incorporate their love of animals into their careers.