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Rhetoric, Professionalization, Design

The world of professional writing is as diverse as it is vibrant and we’re covering what it has to offer. Our goal is to expand horizons. 

MEMORANDUM delves into careers from all corners of the professional writing world. Whether you’re interested in document writing, web design, professional rhetoric, or something in-between; the possibilities are out there. We’re exploring those possibilities through personal interviews and professional profiles.

We’re here to help you learn the tools you need to succeed, get advice to improve your work, and make yourself career-ready.

MEMORANDUM definitely prepared me for the very hectic reality of working in a digital editorial position because in a classroom setting where you’re working with others and constantly trying to improve the digital space you learn the unpredictability of it all.

Peyton Chandler

Recent & Featured

  • How my Professional Writing Classes Prepared me for an Internship
    Four years ago, I never imagine I would graduate with a degree in English, let alone anything to do with writing. I wanted to be a high school math teacher and inspire students to love math. Writing wasn’t supposed to be my thing—until I found Professional Writing.
  • The Value of Internships and Jobs for Professional Writing Students
    How far does a bachelor’s degree really go? Many college students may not consider what they are going to include on their Résumé before creating one. Or they think that earning a degree and taking courses related to their desired career field is enough. Having a college education is a critical factor on Résumé’s, however it is often not enough to catch an employer’s eye.
  • Non-Traditional Students and UAB’s New Normal
    The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for everyone. Students, including professional writing students, are no exception. Everyone has had to adjust to the “new normal”, and institutions like UAB are attempting to make that adjustment as comfortable as possible for everyone. However, in this process, it seems that the difficulties of some students are not being totally addressed.
  • What is Markdown?
    Markdown is important in the grand scheme of professional writing is the ability to post information to website applications such as WordPress.
  • Journalism and Professional Writing
    “I am finally out of college, ready to build a career as a writer, and start a new chapter in my life.” This is what many aspiring professional writers say as they take their first steps towards building their career. But what does a career for a journalist and aspiring writer look like?