Organizational Structure & Fund Oversight

The student portfolio management team, also known as Blazer Asset Management, reports to the chair of the G&GF Investment Committee, and will provide a formal update to the Investment Committee and Advisory Board once each semester and informally as needed or when requested.

ISC Functions

The ISC will coordinate and monitor the activities of the Fund. It will collect status reports for the fund, verify up-to-date documentation of trades is maintained, and compile a comprehensive annual report. This official report of the Fund will be presented to the Investment Committee by the ISC.

Our Voting Process

The following Fund members are entitled to vote on Purchases and Sales of Securities: Chief Investment Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Chief Economist, and the 12 Portfolio Managers (15 total). A quorum for a vote is 8 out of 15, including the CIO must be present for a vote to take place.

Payout Policy

The target distribution for student scholarships and programs is 5% annually and will be generated from interest, dividends, and capital appreciation, also referred to as a total-return approach. Distributions would not normally be permitted unless the Fund experiences positive returns over and above initial and subsequent contributions. Restricted funds will be maintained and distributed accordingly. The ACFN Department Chair will prioritize the distribution of funds based on need of student programs & scholarships.

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