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COVID-19 Response

Given the current global circumstances, the Green & Gold Fund has decided to adopt a hybrid model. This means that members have the option to either attend meetings and correspond with their sector virtually or participate in person. If members opt for in person, then they MUST wear masks and practice social distancing within the classroom. The following is the tentative plan for the structure of this semester’s meetings:

The first half of the meeting will be held in room LO3 in the Collat School of Business. The meeting will be recorded/streamed from this room through Zoom; a link to it will be posted here. The recording of the meeting will then be uploaded to the “Media” section of this website after the meeting ends.

The second half of the meeting will take place in the Finance Lab, CSOB 305. Masks and social distancing are also required here. This time will be spent by the sectors working on their portfolios, preparing presentations, and training analysts. Members participating virtually will need to work with their sector to develop a communication plan that works for them as we will not be able to host Zoom in this room. Additionally, due to concerns for the health and safety of the students, only Portfolio Managers and Officers will have key card access to the Lab. As a result, analysts will need either a PM or an Officer to accompany them if they would like to use the Finance Lab.

The Green & Gold Fund understands that these are confusing and trying times. Our priority is the safety of our members. We will work with members to ensure they can participate in the Fund’s activities in a manner that makes them feel safe. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact either the faculty advisor, Daniel Sanabria ( or the Chief Marketing Officer, Madison White (

The Student led Investment Fund at UAB’s Collat School of Business

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Since 1988, the Green & Gold Fund has served as a learning lab for business students at UAB. After its revival in 2008, the Fund has provided hundreds of students the opportunity to gain real world experience with investing. In 2018, the opening of the newly built Collat School of Business modernized the Fund with the addition of the Finance Lab. With state of the art technology and several Bloomberg Terminals accessible by the students, the new location has proven to be a great asset to the Green & Gold Fund. Members and faculty alike are excited for the future of the Fund and look forward to it being continued by generations of students to come.

Why Join the Green & Gold?

Not only will students learn real world skills about investing, but they will also have a chance to connect with our vast network of alumni. Several professionally established alumni have come back to visit members and give speaker presentations over the years. In addition to this, having the Fund on a resume makes it easy for employers to determine a student’s skill set and initiative. This initiative can be taken through the opportunities to earn a leadership position within the Fund, whether it be as a Portfolio Manager or an Officer. As an added bonus, all leadership positions come with a merit based scholarship. However, not only can students earn a scholarship, they also have the chance to help a classmate earn a scholarship as well. The money earned through the Green & Gold Fund is used to provide scholarships for students at the Collat School of Business. This means that students will not just be networking, skill building, and given a chance to earn scholarships; they will have a real world impact.

Want to see if the Fund is a good fit for you? Visit us Mondays, 7:40 P.M. in CSOB LO3/305 or contact us at